Library Card


Library Card Guidelines

Any resident or property owner of Hospers, Sioux County, or a nonresident who has a valid Library card from their Iowa community library may apply for and receive a library card by meeting the following guidelines.

  1. Have a clear record in respect to fines or fees from previous libraries.

  2. Be able to establish identity and verify current address by furnishing proper identification.

    • Proof of Identification may be any of the following:

      • Hospers Public Library Card

      • Birth Certificate

      • State Identification Card

      • Valid Driver's License

      • Voter's Registration

      • Military Identification

      • Passport

      • State or City Employee Identification Card

      • School Identification

    • Proof of address may be a utility bill, rent receipt, car registration, printed check or letter addressed to the applicant and cancelled within the last month at the post office or any of the above proof of identity which show current address.

  3. Children under the age of 14 must have a parent or legal guardian sign the application and show proof of address.

  4. Applications from student on school tours will be processed under the following conditions:

    • Application is signed by parents.

    • Teacher/school/supervising organization verifies address.